Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 2 - 3 p.m. EDT
Cannabis Considerations: Federal and State Planning
​​​​​ From legislative updates to complex tax planning, you face many unique challenges as a business owner in the ever-changing cannabis industry. At Rehmann, we specialize in these specific issues and we’re dedicated to helping provide expertise and insight to help your cannabis operation grow and thrive.






Past Webinars

Disruptions Around Every Corner
Your organization faces what probably feels like an ever-growing number of pressures, from ongoing labor shortages and supply chain issues to mounting cybersecurity threats.

Check out our on demand webinar for planning strategies to consider to maxamize your financial position today and well into the future.
Cybersecurity: Why You Should Give a Dam

Do you have a cybersecurity plan in place? Does it protect all of your assets? Does it sufficiently enable you to respond to a cyber incident? Implementing individual security tools is one element of building your ‘cyber dam’, but as attackers become more sophisticated, they can still get through. Much like a dam, a single crack in your cybersecurity plan can have devastating results.

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Every year, cyberattacks increase 50%, with the average global cost per breach at $3.92 million. Make sure your organization is cyber ready.

Empowered Planning: Your Personal Financial Strategy
Your Personal Financial Strategy provides insight and real-time examples of individuals seeking to build and maintain a strong financial foundation during these changing economic times, particularly as tax laws are expected to evolve under a new administration. Our Empowered Planning series of webinars is focused on planning ideas to help you move forward confidently.
Empowered Planning: Your Business Transition Part 1 & 2
Your Business Transition provides business owners with steps and readiness assessments. The decision to sell your business is a big one, and you’re far from alone if you’re thinking about making this kind of transition. Listen to the on demand webinar below if you are among the family-owned or closely held businesses considering selling.


Additional resources

Download Your Roadmap to the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)
The ERC assists employers in retaining and compensating employees during the pandemic. The latest coronavirus relief aid extends the credit to Dec. 31, 2021 and expands eligibility.

Many employers did not originally qualify for the Employee Retention Credit because of a PPP loan – now is the time to revisit the opportunity.
Download Your Essential Estate Planning Guide
In this guide, you’ll learn why it’s a good time to review and update your estate plan — or create one if you haven’t yet taken that step — and you’ll also gain an understanding of potential strategies that could help maximize your financial situation.

Download this guide now.
5 Steps Toward Empowering Your Operations Today
As the dust continues to settle and a business not-as-usual landscape emerges, you may wonder how best to proceed — how to keep going and find ways to not just survive but thrive.

Download this checklist that that covers ways to assess the current state of your operations, ideas for efficiency and growth, and much more.
5 Ways to Start Empowering Your Planning Today
There's no shortage of critical areas for businesses to navigate. The good news: opportunities exist to help you move forward confidently.

Download this checklist that outlines next steps to consider and provides essential tools and resources for you and your business.
Tax credits and guidance for manufacturers
Tax credits are available to benefit your manufacturing business. This infographic provides details on the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit and the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). You’ll also learn about Michigan use tax audits, which have been a focus of the Michigan Department of Treasury in recent time.
Here’s a breakdown of credits to consider.

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