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A manufacturing advisory team that knows your industry

The world of manufacturing is broad and varied. You need an advisory team that understands the complexities of your business and segment of the industry.

At Rehmann, we work with a wide range of manufacturing companies, helping clients like you find focused solutions that improve operational effectiveness and increase the overall value of your business. Our services are geared towards your needs:

Operationally focused

  • Inventory management and product costing
  • HR & IT consulting and support
  • ERP software improvement

Strategy oriented

Compliance expertise

We listen actively and take a collaborative approach with our clients. Leveraging our vast manufacturing industry experience, our goal is to provide you with expertise that you can trust, so you can focus on the day-to-day of your business and team.

Turnkey services and strategic planning

The experienced professionals at Rehmann are here to simplify complexities, so you can get a clear picture of where you stand and how you can best move forward. We can help you benchmark where you are in the industry, align your overall strategy with your business plan, and prioritize needed improvements.

A one-stop advisor for many of our clients, we’ve partnered with organizations to identify and improve key business metrics, assess Accounting, HR, and IT departments and compliance, outsourcing services, and improve administrative processes.


As a capital-intensive industry – one facing ongoing supply chain challenges and labor shortage pressures – your plastics manufacturing operation is up against complex issues each day. As specialists in your industry, we not only understand what you’re dealing with, we come alongside you to assess and problem-solve, create efficiencies, and help forge a path of long-term sustainability. Rehmann’s experienced advisors deliver a best-practice approach and comprehensive, unparalleled service.

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Tom Shemanski

Principal, Finance and Accounting Solutions


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