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Outsourcing exit interviews


Exit interviews are all-too-often overlooked as a vital part of human resources strategy. No company should be without this process, as it provides an important means for evaluating your company’s policies and procedures. Far too many companies have little knowledge of how to conduct and best leverage the exit interview to its fullest potential. This is why many companies are turning to outsourcing exit interviews.

Unpleasant Results

One of the reasons many companies forego the exit interview process or do not fully use it is that often, it presents unpleasant results. When an employee quits, it’s usually because a better opportunity has presented itself or the employee is unhappy, and an honest exit survey will paint a stark picture of why this might be.

Though it can be uncomfortable, it’s important to collect these negative comments, as they shed light on the ways an employer can improve employee relations and management processes. Don’t let unpleasant results deter you!

Help Employees See the Value

It’s important for employees to see the value in an exit interview. This will allow you to get the best, most honest information about why they are leaving your employ. Many companies make the process “mandatory,” but there’s no way you can penalize a worker for refusing to complete the interview. Clearly, you can’t refuse to let them leave, and firing them for not having the interview could lead to a whole host of legal and logistical problems.

Thus, it’s a better approach to make sure they understand that their responses will be used to fix potential problems and improve employee relations in the future. If they see they are being given a chance to improve conditions for their successor, many workers are more eager to participate in the process.

Outsourcing Exit Interviews

A company might choose to outsource their exit interview process for a number of reasons. A departing employee might feel much more comfortable with a third-party conducting the interview than with a direct supervisor or a co-worker. This is especially true if the worker feels the supervisor or manager is part of the problem.

With an outsourced process, the employee can feel confident that the results of the interview will be taken seriously, without the worry of retaliation. Outsourcing professionals know the best practices for conducting the exit interview process. They know which questions to ask, how to encourage the outgoing worker to be honest and forthright, and how to leverage the information gained so that it best benefits the company in the future.

Outsourcing the exit interview process carries many benefits. It allows you to get the best results from trained and expert professionals without shifting focus away from your supervisors’, managers’ and other professionals’ job duties.