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Empowered Chats: Outsourcing IT & Industry 4.0

November 3, 2022

Contributors: Adam Lewan

Outsourcing continues to be a hot organizational trend. According to a recent study from, 59% of U.S. organizations see outsourcing as a cost-cutting tool. Furthermore, the popularity of work-from-home arrangements has helped organizational leaders realize that work can be accomplished from anywhere, thus making outsourcing a less abstract concept.

We sat down with Adam Lewan, business development executive for Rehmann technology solutions, to learn more about IT outsourcing and why it may be right for your organization.

Industry 4.0

As outsourcing continues to rise, advancements in technology do, too. In fact, we have found ourselves in what is being called the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. Computers are now capable of capturing data and using it to communicate with one another to make decisions without any human interaction. For example, a machine in a manufacturing facility has sensors on it to alert technicians when it needs to be fixed. This helps to increase efficiency and make better decisions, faster.

However, every sensor on the machine is connected to the internet and every connection to the internet is called an endpoint. The more endpoints you have, the greater risk you’re at for a cybersecurity attack.

As technology continues to advance, your organization may find it difficult to keep up. Outsourcing with an IT partner like Rehmann gives you access to IT professionals who can help make sure your organization is staying up to date with technological advancements and considering the risk involved when new technology is introduced.

Staffing shortages

Outsourcing is also a great consideration if you’re experiencing staffing shortages. There are many core competencies within IT professions, and it can be difficult to find the right team member – or maybe you don’t want to pay a full-time salary. Outsourcing allows you to fill the gap quickly, with an experienced professional at a reasonable cost.

If you already have staff in place, you can still leverage the benefits of outsourcing. In fact, many organizations enter what is called a co-managed agreement. Many IT professional get bogged down with day-to-day operations, handling IT service tickets, and patching applications in their current tech stack. This leaves very little time to optimize their IT environment and make improvements. With an IT partner like Rehmann, we can help take on those operational tasks so the IT staff you have in place can focus on making those improvements.

Is there risk to outsourcing?

There is always risk when giving a chunk of your business to a third-party vendor. You’ll need to do your due diligence and vet any of your IT partners before entering into any agreement.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Rehmann could partner with your organization for IT needs, please visit reach out to Adam directly at [email protected].


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