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Rehmann named a leading firm for women by 2023 Accounting MOVE Project

Rehmann, a fully integrated professional advisory firm, has been named to the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance 2023 Best CPA Firms for Women list, as well as the 2023 Best CPA Firms for Equity Leadership. This is the firm’s eleventh time being named on the Best CPA Firms for Women list and the fourth consecutive year it’s been named a Best CPA Firm for Equity Leadership. 

“At Rehmann we aim to create a diverse environment that encourages women to continue building their careers,” said Becky Guenther, Director of Total Awards and Chair of the Women’s Initiative Network Council at Rehmann. ““We provide our associates with career development opportunities, educational resources, and work-life supports that help promote an inclusive workplace. Our firm is heavily dependent on diverse experiences and expertise of our team members.”  

At Rehmann, women currently comprise 37 percent of the firm’s leadership roles. In addition, the firm has introduced a range of DEI initiatives throughout all sectors of the firm to create a safe and equitable environment.  

“Our DEI team is consistently listening to our employees’ comments and concerns. The team responds to those concerns with action so all Rehmann employees can be successful in their careers,” said Stacie Kwaiser, CEO of Rehmann. “Over the past few years  we have introduced several programs created to benefit both the firm and our employees, including our Initiative Exploration Plans (IEPs).” 

Rehmann’s IEPs are tasked with identifying which markets and segments have the highest growth potential, while also determining who would be best positioned to lead them.  

“The IEP Program has changed the way we look at growth opportunities and strengths in our company, and while giving our employees a clearer picture of what their career journey might look like,” Kwaiser said. “These roadmaps are just one of the many Rehmann initiatives that prove we are worthy of the Accounting MOVE accolades each year.” 

Accounting MOVE Project is an annual survey of leading financial and accounting firms. The survey considers factors that are essential to women’s career success including money and fair pay practices; opportunities for advancement; support of work-life programs; and operating experience for managing or business ownership. The 2023 report also called out the importance of career sustainability and addressed the importance of having the capacity to maintain motivation and energy at every step in a woman’s career.  

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