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New Data, New Trends: What You Need to Know About Employee Engagement in 2023
Available: ON DEMAND

Engaged employees perform with passion, enthusiasm, and connection – these are often your star performers, individuals you wouldn’t want to lose. But in today's workforce environment, just 32% of the workforce is considered engaged – the lowest engagement rate in a decade.

Don't miss this actionable update on the state of the workforce, what is causing low engagement, and insight to recruit, and retain, team members.

Tax Update: Capitalizing on Credits and Planning Considerations for the Year Ahead
Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 11 a.m. EST.

A strategic tax plan can be complex, especially as we continue to see businesses drive M&A activity, expand operations (many times crossing state and international borders), and capitalize on credits – two recent examples being the Employee Retention Credit and clean energy credits established by the Inflation Reduction Act.   

Join us for a recap, and a look ahead, for tax planning opportunities for businesses to capitalize on.

Building – and Navigating – Your Personal Financial Plan

Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 11 a.m. EST.

Year's end can bring a wealth of considerations to the table for individuals — setting the right tax strategy, determining your charitable giving plan, various retirement saving strategies, and establishing goals for the coming months. Making the right moves today can surely help you later, however, asking “Is this the right move?” is a much simpler question to answer with a dedicated plan in place built to achieve your personal goals.

Join us to discuss planning opportunities for 2023 and beyond.


You Don’t Need a Time Machine. You Need a Plan.
How many times in the last year have you thought to yourself, “If I could just get one week to catch up, I’d be able to get to my project list. I could build that new budget model, work on a profit-by-job report, or update my machine rates.”
There are several problems with your recurring wish. One, it’s recurring. Two, stopping time isn’t, in fact, possible. Three, while taking a weeklong “vacation” to catch up on work is possible, it’s also a proven performance (and personal life) killer. And, finally, four, the surefire way to cripple your company – you’d be prioritizing tasks of the past over strategic plans for the future.

Planning for Inflation.
COVID-19 has been a catalyst for countless sudden changes to everyday life. In addition to impacting our physical health, the pandemic brought our financial wellness into the spotlight. One issue that has certainly been expedited, if not catapulted by the pandemic, is inflation – a topic most have heard discussed on the news, but one that many might not pay much attention to under normal circumstances.
Coupled with factors like supply chain and manufacturing issues, inflation is quickly becoming something that affects us all – from consumers to business owners.


Back-office operations on the back burner? 
Let’s be honest, business owners. No matter how exciting your company, industry, product, or service, back-office work isn’t fun. It’s tedious, arduous, exacting, and highly demanding. And that’s exactly how it should be — if your back office is doing it right. By “right,” we mean staying on top of the critical, foundational aspects of running your business operations — at minimum, bookkeeping, accounting, and compliance; ideally, human resources and IT/cybersecurity, too.
Problem is, many business owners, in the justifiable pursuit of thinking big, driving sales, winning clients, pleasing customers, and cornering markets, aren’t sure how efficiently, effectively, or securely their back office is operating. Are you?

Inflation Reduction Act: Personal vehicle credits
Most taxpayers are already aware of the tax credits for electric vehicles as they have been around for quite some time. The IRA made some changes to the credit to increase opportunities for taxpayers to benefit. It is apparent the updates are aimed at encouraging electric vehicle sales in general. Most modifications to the Clean Vehicle Credit (formerly known as the New Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit) are effective or start phasing in Jan. 1, 2023.
Let’s take a closer look to see how you might benefit.


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