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The Rehmann Client Portal

Your comprehensive, trusted and secure document exchange experience

In our “always on” world, having immediate access to vital documents isn’t a luxury — it’s a requirement. The Rehmann Client Portal helps meet that
requirement by providing a digital briefcase of documentation shared between you and your Rehmann advisors. Beyond simply sharing documents, however, it’s also a great way to receive tax return information and have ready access to documents you need to share with other service providers (such as your banker).

Casey Root, Rehmann’s Head of Business Application Solutions, helps provide a good idea of what users can expect from the Rehmann Client Portal.

What do you think is the single most compelling feature of the new client portal?

It’s ease of use. We’ve done our best to make the portal as intuitive as possible, so clients can jump right in with little to no training at all. It’s also remarkably secure, with authentication and session encryption among other security measures that allow clients to safely transmit confidential data.

What were the use-case scenarios considered while developing the portal?

We wanted to create a venue for a comprehensive, trusted and secure document exchange experience for Rehmann associates and their clients. It’s also great as a centralized area for business-critical documents for clients and the teams they create. For example, clients could give other partners and affiliates access to documents on the portal. An added bonus: the portal also eliminates the possibility of losing track of important documents.

We also recognize how great it is for users to log into the portal from their mobile device to look up, for example, tax return data while at their bank, with their lawyer and related scenarios.

Can users anticipate any exciting new features over the coming year?

Absolutely: features such as online billing, task management and industry-specific targeted alerts and communications are in the pipeline.

What would you say to someone who says, “I’m just a small business. This won’t matter to me.”?

Regardless of a company’s size, everyone could use a platform where they can share and organize their documentation with their Rehmann advisor. That’s probably the chief thing I’d say to someone running a smaller business.

Conversely, what would you say to someone who says, “I’m a big business with multiple people working for me on financial matters. How can this make a difference?”

First off, it’s great to have that kind of support for your business. But how great would it be to give those people access to the portal – to be able to share documentation all at once, instead of sending multiple emails around and worrying about different versions stored on multiple machines? Larger businesses can also create multiple portals and assign access to different users – or groups of users – to secure documents as needed based on those users’ roles.


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