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The tax strategies and finance tips your business — and you — need today!

Just as with your health, being inactive from a financial perspective can lead to big problems. That seems to be the case more and more each year as new tax laws, standards or other matters arise. Because you can’t afford to take chances with your financial health, Rehmann presents the exclusive LIVE year-end webinar Good financial health starts NOW!, which tackles a wealth of practical tips for your business and yourself. 

For your business:

  • Why the revised tangible property regulations will continue to reverberate
  • What you need to know about state and local taxes for your 2016 filing(s)
  • How the nation’s next Commander in Chief will impact the economy and other essential tax facts you’ll need the 411 on.

For yourself:

  • Why the impact of estate planning and personal tax on valuation might be bigger than you think
  • How simplicity can be leveraged for rock-solid financial planning
  • What to do to minimize your vulnerability to cyber thieves and other online criminals

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