Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching Programs will empower your leadership so there are no boundaries to what you can accomplish!

  • Have you ever thought of the long term impact of your leadership and the difference you can make in your life, the lives of others or your community?
  • How are you demonstrating your leadership success thus far? Are you being a courageous leader?
  • Have you ever thought that you are just surviving and wonder what it would be like to be thriving? To move your leadership from effectiveness to greatness?

We offer two types of coaching so you may select the program that best fits your individual need or that of the organization: 1) One to One Leadership Coaching or 2) Group Leadership Coaching.

One-to-One Leadership Coaching

Leaders receive complete coaching support in the areas of desired change for leadership effectiveness, business results and personal growth. The one-to-one coaching begins with identifying your personal outcomes, establishing the criteria for measuring results and an assessment of the “Total Person” including behavioral traits, thinking style and occupational interests. With the assessment review, goals set, the coaching sessions begin with weekly meetings, face to face or via phone dependent on your schedule.

Group Leadership Coaching

Take your leadership to the next level and build a network of success-minded peers! Leading & Living Confidently! is an information packed group coaching program for leaders who wan to build on their success. The program is designed to include an individual coaching session and 8 interactive group coaching webinars. In the individual coaching session, you are able to identify your personal outcomes and establish the criteria for measuring results. The group coaching webinars include an instructional portion as well as an interactive Q&A portion over a 90 minute period.

Why Leadership Coaching?

As you read Susan West’s story below think of where you are as a leader and where you want to be as a leader.

Why I Invested In Executive Coaching For My Own Leadership Development...

Personal Development is one key component of my life. I believe that my own personal development leads to professional development and my ability to increase responsibility and enhance the lives of others. I have always taken courses through work or on my own. When I became 40, going to 45, I stepped up to taking more courses. Leadership development, my focus on leadership development became very important. I knew I wanted more out of life, I knew I had more to give. I felt this simmering begin and knew I had to find in which way, what way, it should be directed when it boils. And boil it would, just as my kettle does for tea.

I knew I needed more clarity. I needed an objective review. I needed someone to talk with and push me along. I found these things in a coach, a business coach. I took the first step on a chilly day in December, knowing the New Year was coming, knowing I needed to make a difference as a newly promoted Vice President and knowing I was not sure how to sort through my ideas with confidence. I said yes to a meeting with an executive coach. A risk in my mind as I did not know how I would pay for it (it wasn’t in the budget), nor how I would explain why I should have one and what would be the results. I did know that in reality, I needed to do something different.

My experience was amazing! My self confidence bloomed, my delivery improved and my team performed. My commitment to coaching has not wavered since. It is through coaching that I am now living my dream and empowering others to live theirs.

Leadership coaching is a commitment: a commitment to being open, to sharing, to listening, to dreaming and to being in action. Executive Coaching is about change – doing something different just for you. When you invest in yourself and grow, then all those around you – in your home, your business, and your friends – benefit from your growth as well. You are in a better place and bring others with you.

I invite you to experience leadership coaching. Lead your team, your business, your life and… lead powerfully and passionately!

My Return on Investment from Leadership Coaching…

Here is a sampling of the results I have been able to achieve with executive coaching over the years:

  • Awarded 2003 Tier One Supplier of the Year by Fortune 100 Corporation;
  • Created and grew a minority joint venture company with revenues of $189 million;
  • Opened new office in Mexico with annual growth averaging 168% over four years;
  • Developed key customer relationship with 91% customer satisfaction and performance delivery to become a key strategic supplier;
  • Developed Midwest region branch operations with 5 branch openings and revenue growth to $11 million in two years;
  • Coached and mentored staff in project teams to deliver employee-implemented indirect cost reductions of 37%.

These results are directly related to my leadership capability and my ability to motivate and inspire teams. My passionate leadership was empowered through business coaching. I invite you also to review the results other leaders have achieved who have engaged in a business and leadership coaching relationship with me.

To your success,
Susan E. West

“As a member of Susan’s management team, I have experienced her strong leadership and passion for delivering exceptional value to her customer, her organization and her team members. Susan’s leadership focuses on empowering her organization with the knowledge and tools required to deliver the best in class performance. I have benefited greatly. Her leadership has accelerated my professional development as well as many others. Susan delivers her strategic vision with integrity to the benefit of all involved!”
– Bob Lauro, Senior Director, Kelly Services

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