Training for professional and individual development, training for leadership and managing others and training for technical and operational expertise are all critical to an organization’s ability to deal with changes that come from customer demands, legal compliance issues and retaining and motivating employees at all levels. Training can be used to educate on a single issue or used as a series of programs that assist in sustaining change. Today’s organizations need to review their training needs and define what and where training can make a difference.

One of our most requested programs… Respecting Differences

Can you remember the last time you conducted anti-harassment/non-discrimination training for your employees? Has it been a few years? If an employee sues you for hostile work environment harassment, in some cases, the fact that you trained your employees on your anti-harassment policies will be beneficial in defending against that lawsuit. If you are steadily adding new employees or have experienced turnover of employees, it may be time to retrain your employees on your company’s anti-harassment policies.

If you have never provided training on your anti-harassment policies, every employee within your organization should attend this type of training. We advise that all employees sign an acknowledgement showing that they attended the training and place the signed copy in their personnel file.

Favorite training programs for leadership and management… The Impactful Leader 

Studies done by Gallup have shown that Managers are the reasons employees stay or leave a company. Gallup studies have found that “the front-line manager is the key to attracting and retaining talented employees.” It is the manager “who excels at turning each employee’s talent into performance.” The Gallup studies further state “No matter how generous its pay or how renowned its training, the company that lacks great front-line managers will suffer.”

So how good are your managers at leading and managing their employees? When was the last time a manager in your company focused on their own professional development? Are your managers modeling the values and behaviors that you want demonstrated for your company? 

Leadership training is one our core strengths and we love when we are invited in to strengthen a leadership team via our leadership or supervisory training. Here is what we offer:


Webinars or Power Hours

Pull the team together by phone for a “webinar” or in the conference room for a “power hour” we can provide essential information and tools in a fully packed one hour program. Some of our topics include:

  • TRUST: Building A Foundation of Success
  • Building Relationships: Employees and Managers Working Together
  • The Courage to Listen
  • The Power of Questions
  • 5 Mistakes Leaders Make
  • Manager Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Middle Manager
  • Office Politics for Managers


Virtual Training Series

Our virtual training series program offers a set of 4, 6 or 8 one hour webinars on a specific topic. This program provides a workbook, handouts and an interactive Q&A format. Participants have found this program easy to work into a weekly schedule and valuable in immediately applying the tools and resources provided.

  • Unleashing Your Leadership Power

I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie with fellow participants in her Leadership Workshops which were enlightening, challenging and, yes, fun… I especially valued her commitment to me during our sessions, her willingness to truly listen, and her ability to help me focus on what is most important to me. ”

~ George Chene, Engineering Program Manager


Half Day Workshops

Our half-day workshops are intended to pull your executives, managers or supervisors together to build peer support and improve their leadership and management competencies. We can provide the location or we can come to you. These programs definitely give your key managers the tools to do their jobs better.

  • Supervisors: What You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive
  • Supervisors: Legal Responsibilities of Supervising Others
  • Leaders: Leading with Charisma
  • Leaders: Coaching And Mentoring
  • Behavioral Interviewing for Hiring Managers


Full Day Program/Retreats

A powerful way to inspire and motivate your leaders is to give the time and opportunity to improve and enhance their skills.

  • The Impactful Leader: Five Essentials for Leading Well – This session provides leaders of all levels the knowledge, tools and practical guidance to positively impact their team’s performance. Participants will receive tools and guidance they can use immediately to influence desired outcomes. They will learn how to incorporate five practices into their day to day activities to positively motivate and engage their teams.
  • Unleashing the Power of Teams – Are you leading or following? As a leader can you do both? Team building is bringing out the best in each individual so that the team succeeds in delivering the intended result. Are you delegating, training, coaching and promoting your team to succeed? Susan West personally facilitates this training and shares her own powerful business stories that will capture the audience attention. She leaves them with tools and the “how-to” applications that each leader must have in their toolkit.

Zig Ziglar points out “YOU PERFORM EXACTLY AS YOU SEE YOURSELF!” Sounds simple doesn’t it?Susan West has given me the tools, no, that sounds like “work”. Susan has given me a playground to see what I value most in life, and, BE SPECIFIC! Hundreds of hours of listening to and reading from some of the most inspirational people in the world have not given me that. They have inspired me. Susan even quotes most of these people and some I’ve never even heard of.Thank you, Susan, for your generosity. You have given me the missing piece.

With all my pissing and moaning you stay on track. “That’s perfect” or “Isn’t that delightful?” is always followed with why it’s perfect and delightful. I always laugh.

In ten years when I have done and seen things beyond my wildest dreams, When I’ve done things I haven’t even invented yet, I will be laughing and will say, “Thank you Susan.”

I’m Grateful,
Steve De.
Plymouth, MI

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