Strategic Planning

Where are you going? What are your strengths? What do you need? What do you do? How will you achieve your future? Good questions; Questions that deserve the time and consideration to be answered fully. Strategic planning sets the stage for where you and your organization are headed; defines the path you will take and assists with smooth execution and quick rebounds from bumps in the road.

QWA provides facilitation and tools for a thorough Strategic Planning Process. We have identified seven key steps that will take you from a blank sheet to a fully executable plan. The process we have identified is easy to follow, very interactive and fun. Whether the plan needs to be developed with a small group or a large group, the strategic planning steps are designed to get everyone’s input and gain alignment on the outcome.

Here is a brief explanation of each of the steps:

"Confirming Your Unique Reason for Being – Your Purpose

Your purpose – It is something set up as an aim, an intention. It should last at least 100 years. It is like a guiding star on the horizon – forever pursued, but never reached. It is what you intend to do or bring about. A purpose is a simple reflection of why you exist.

"Confirming the Future You Want to Create – Your Vision

Your vision – is an ideal image of a desired future state. It is an object of imagination. What you want to Be Do and Have based on your core values. It has both directional and destinational guideposts. It describes your driving force. It will provide clear boundaries which can be used as a test or filter for decisions. Focal point to where you are going. If you know how, then it is not a vision. It should be short enough that you can carry it with you in your head.

"Confirming How you will Achieve your Future – Your Mission

Goal is to refine and confirm your mission statement. Mission reflects what you are now. It reflects a specific definition of who, what, when and how you want to make a difference. How are you going to fulfill a need; a specific course of actions.

"Confirming the Values You Will Live By – Core Values

Your Core Values – are what you know deep inside yourself; small set of essential and enduring beliefs which do not change in response to challenges/opportunities; Values are internal guides and reflect what are important to us.

"Defining Who You Are Doing This For – Your Ideal Client

Your Ideal Client – is a clear description of who you enjoy working with and fits your values. Ideal Clients serve you well; you know exactly what you are delivering to them and how to make them happy.

"Identifying How You will Deliver Outcomes to your Clients- Your Strategic Plan

Your Strategic Plan – are the Strategic Objectives, Operational Goals and Action Plans that the team implements representing 90 days, 1 year and 5 year milestones.

The QWA Strategic Planning Process can be initiated and completed over two sessions for a small group or over 4-5 sessions for a large group. QWA provides the process, you generate the content and together we refine the outcome into an actionable plan.

Upon review of your desired outcomes, the number of folks involved, logistics details and the timing requirements, Rehmann Associates will quote you a fixed price so you know exactly what your investment in creating the plan for your future is.

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