HR Outsourcing

Human Resource Management, Human Capital Management, and Talent Management – how do you do it? What is needed? Effective Human Resources practices are linked to higher employee productivity and lower turnover. HR is about creating business value, thinking strategically with down to earth practical advice.

Do you have an HR function that truly enables business outcomes? What should your HR focus be to improve business performance? Do you have an HR business partner who knows what to do and how to do it? What is the standard by which you are judging your experiences with HR?

Good questions to reflect on.

“As written in HR From the Outside In, research studies confirm what we intuitively know: Aligned, innovative and integrated HR practices make a dramatic difference in individual and organizational performance”

Rehmann offers Human Resource services to assist small to midsize companies in implementing and engaging processes to support their growing employee population and resource needs. We are Human Resources experts that can support your company’s needs, including:


Introducing the employee via orientation, initiating training, and setting expectations for success.


Reviewing employee performance, identifying strengths and training needs, measuring results, preparing career paths.


Introducing the necessary processes to comply with legal requirements such as FMLA, Harassment, and Immigration. Educating supervisors on their individual and legal responsibilities.

Employee Handbooks – Our employee handbook, approved by legal, has been utilized in many organizations and can be customized for your company’s vision, values, and policies.


People want to work in a supportive, accountable atmosphere of employee recognition, reward, flexibility, commitment, alignment, and communication.


Identifying training needs, selecting training programs, and delivering training programs to develop the management team or educate the employees such as Behavioral Interviewing for Hiring Managers, Legal Responsibilities of Managers, Building Relationships, The Courage to Listen, Empowering Career Success, and Stages of Team Development; Training sessions have overall satisfaction scores of 4.8 out of 5 increasing overall organizational morale.


Could your organization benefit from 1)Executive and Leadership Coaching; 2) 360 Leadership Assessments from surveying Board members, management, peers, subordinates for a balanced picture of your leaders’ strengths and developmental areas in 18 management competencies; and 3) Job Shadowing with Feedback report?

Why a Part-Time HR Business Partner?

In today’s challenging business environment, complex human resource situations can distract senior management from its core business. Poor performance, unengaged, distracted employees, and overwhelmed managers often follow when human resource issues strain the organization.

A Part-Time HR Business Partner for Long-Term Success

Organizations faced with these challenges can now access higher level talent without the ongoing costs of an experienced, full-time HR executive. The ongoing cost of a part-time HR Business Partner can be as low as 1/4 that of a full-time HR executive.

Valuable Insight, Improved HR Service Delivery

Small companies need strong human resource management every bit as much as large companies. The problem is justifying the high salary and benefits of an experienced HR resource. Additionally, the smaller company probably does not have a daily need for this higher level of expertise.

Small businesses can gain valuable human capital insight & resources by partnering with an experienced HR professional on a part-time basis. Rehmann takes the time to understand your business and provide this insight in a cost-effective manner.

Contracting an HR Business Partner for Real Value

Let us add real value to your organization by:

  • Providing dependable strategic HR leadership to develop and deliver human capital strategies to meet business objectives
  • Adding credibility through operational P&L experience as well as HR departmental experience
  • Acting as a sounding board for senior management in the decision-making process
  • Providing a fresh perspective and objectivity on people/metrics/ policies
  • On-the-ground resources who are the face of HR for employees
  • Access to a team of HR experts in a variety of HR functions that are available as needed

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