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Shareholder Disputes

Disagreements between business owners can threaten an organization’s reputation, and have significant business valuation and tax ramifications. These matters become especially challenging when shareholders are family members, friends or business partners with a long history of working closely together.

Shareholder disputes often arise when owners have differing attitudes toward money and finances. These opposing philosophies may lead to tension in the business relationship or, in some instances, dissolution of the relationship. In the event of a dispute, an analysis of shareholder transactions may reveal unapproved transactions. These transactions may have a significant negative impact on the organization.

When shareholder disputes arise, it is important to enlist the help of an independent intermediary to analyze the transactions affecting the parties involved and their influence on the business relationship. Lawyers and shareholders routinely engage Rehmann Corporate Investigative Services (CIS) to perform objective analyses critical to the dispute process.

Lawyers or business owners working to resolve shareholder disputes may benefit from working with:

  • The Rehmann CIS team of investigators, certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners and digital forensic experts. These associates conduct investigations to reconstruct what shareholder transactions have occurred and determine the appropriateness of these transactions.
  • Rehmann’s team of tax professionals. This team can determine the impact of the investigative results on previously-filed tax returns. Transactions conducted by individual shareholders may have tax implications on all shareholders’ 1040s and on the W-2 of the individual(s) perpetrating the fraud. They could also have an impact on the corporate tax returns.
  • Rehmann’s team of business valuation specialists. This team is able to determine the fair value of a business – a critical step during the shareholder dispute resolution process.