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Contract Disputes

In today’s complex and competitive business world, contract disputes are hard to avoid. For many reasons businesses or individuals may fail to adhere to the terms of an agreement and further action is needed to reach resolution.

When two parties execute a contract, it frequently includes a standard clause allowing one party to conduct an audit of the transactions covered by the contract. If one party suspects wrongdoing, they may wish to leverage this clause to reveal the nature of the transactions that have taken place. In these instances, Rehmann Corporate Investigative Services (CIS) is often engaged through legal counsel or businesses to conduct forensic audit and assist in the finding of facts.

Rehmann CIS’s team of former FBI agents, investigators, certified public accountants, attorneys and certified fraud examiners work together to analyze the terms of the contract and perform the audit. A comprehensive report detailing the findings is then provided to the client. Depending on the results of the audit, the client may initiate legal proceedings or they may interact with the other contracting party directly in order to reclaim funds resulting from the contract dispute.

Because every contract is different, Rehmann CIS’s contract dispute services are customized to each client. We have the ability to work with our global network of investigators to provide support, no matter the geographical span of the dispute. Enlist our team of professionals to hold your contracted partners accountable to the agreements they form with your business today.