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Due Diligence

Are you considering a merger? Adding a subsidiary or business partner or assessing the risk or liability of loan applicants? A due diligence investigation is designed to give you valuable insight into a business or individual before entering into a legal agreement with that entity.

Rehmann Corporate Investigative Services (CIS) is a premier business intelligence and investigative firm with an extensive domestic and international network of highly experienced investigators and consultants. Each year our team of forensic accountants, former FBI executives and intelligence analysts undergoes yearly compliance training according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) so we can conduct business with a variety of organizations. Through our comprehensive due diligence services we can provide the pre-decision intelligence you need to avoid surprises in the future.

Working both covertly and overtly, our due diligence process helps you uncover important details that indicate how an individual or organization conducts business. We will look at specifics, including finances, industry reputation, management strategy, organizational history, supplier relationships, intellectual assets and physical property, among others. The information provided during a due diligence investigation aims to provide you with a complete picture of the organization so you can make a well-informed business decision.

You should initiate a due diligence investigation if you are considering:

  • Merging with a company
  • Acquiring or purchasing a business
  • Adding a business partner
  • Lending funds

When it comes to due diligence, our job is to put together a complete profile. Our goal is to fill in the blanks and answer your tough questions so that you can truly know who you are doing business with.