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Asset Investigations

An asset investigation is critical to understanding an individual’s or a business’ financial health and security.

If your organization is pursuing or is involved in litigation, is owed money, suspects internal fraud or is considering negotiations, it is important to know whether the other parties’ assets are secure and accurately portrayed. This will help assess how likely you are to be paid after a court judgment, a negotiated settlement, or on a loan. An asset investigation will reveal potential liabilities and help your organization make well-informed business decisions.

Rehmann Corporate Investigative Services (CIS) asset investigations serve to locate and reveal hidden assets via a global search of public records, internal corporate data, discrete private sources and more. Our team of forensic accountants, former FBI executives and intelligence analysts can locate funds concealed in even the most intricate international corporate structures. We work tirelessly to reveal the complete financial picture and actual attribution of assets to deliver you an accurate report.

Types of Asset Investigation

There are many reasons why your organization may need to pursue an asset investigation. Below are the most common scenarios:

  • Litigation Support: Before you initiate litigation, our team can determine whether the opposing party has attempted to secrete assets or has adequate assets to cover court-ordered damages so your organization does not waste time or money in pursuit. During litigation we can help reveal concealed assets in the event the opposing party claims an inability to pay.

  • Internal Fraud Suspicions: If you think that an employee is stealing from your business or accepting bribes, we can help you locate those funds and substantiate or alleviate your suspicions.

  • Settlement Negotiations: When you are looking to settle negotiations and have reasons to believe your opponent may be hiding assets, it can be extremely beneficial to know the financial situation of the other party. This knowledge can help you reach a more favorable settlement or better understand how quickly you should reach resolution.

  • Lending Purposes: Before you approve a loan, we can verify a loan applicant's assertions of wealth and collateral, and determine the assets associated with an individual or business. We can also locate assets and/or property if someone defaults on a loan.