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Social Media Background Check

Do you truly know the person you are about to hire to represent your company? Is the company you are doing business with really who they say they are? Would their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media profiles tell a different story than the one they have shared with you? With a Rehmann CIS social media background check you can be confident the person you’re hiring or choosing for a business partner is the same online as they are in person.

Pre-Employment Social Media Screening

There are many laws and regulations governing the hiring process. Businesses are often tempted to review an applicant’s social media presence but are worried they may open themselves up to liability by doing so. Rehmann CIS consults with attorneys on laws and regulations and puts this knowledge into practice when conducting social media background checks for our clients as they are reviewing applicants.

Social Media Investigations for Businesses

Whether your business is looking to partner with another company or your board is welcoming a new member, a social media background check is a great way to ensure that you are forging a lasting relationship. Our team of investigative professionals, led by former FBI agents, will put their experience to work to deliver you a comprehensive report detailing the online presence of the business or individual. Our clients find value in taking into account this information as they make important business decisions.

Social Media Background Checks for Personal Use

Are you applying for a position and worried about what your online presence reveals about you? At Rehmann CIS we can apply our social media screening tools to provide you a comprehensive report for personal use. A social media background check is helpful in revealing to you fake profiles, long forgotten information that is still publicly available and other content you’d rather not reveal to your prospective employer or business partner.

When executing any type of social media background check, our team of professionals works within the law to ascertain the online footprint of the individual or business. We research publicly available profiles on dozens of the most popular social and professional networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also explore deeper into comments posted in blogs and popular forums to build a comprehensive picture of the individual’s or business’ online presence.

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