Pre-Employment Background Checks for Job Candidates

Whether you are a business hiring employees or a high net-worth individual hiring domestic staff, pre-employment screening is important in ensuring you hire the right candidate.

For Businesses

At Rehmann Corporate Investigative Services (CIS) we will customize our pre-employment screening services to the client’s industry and the positions they are hiring for. Our experienced team of professionals consult with you to fully understand all of the intelligence research that may be required each position, for example:

  • positions in the medical field may require licensing verification
  • positions in the transportation industry may require a driving record check

The day-to-day job responsibilities of each position may require different levels of pre-employment screening, for example:

  • a cursory check may be the only screening conducted for an administrative position
  • a fiscal check may be essential for those with financial access

Many other records checks can be conducted, including criminal and civil litigation record checks, Federal, state, county and local records, traffic record checks, education and employment verifications, personal and professional reference checks, credit history, social media, etc. Our advisors will select record searches that are best suited to your needs.

For High Net-Worth Individuals

At Rehmann CIS, we help our high net worth clients understand that they put themselves at great risk when they give domestic staff access to their household without conducting a pre-employment screening.

People who know they may fail a background check often seek work in private households because most private households do not conduct pre-employment screening.

High net worth individuals benefit greatly from our pre-employment screening services.

We review the the responsibilities of each household position, and the information the employee may have access to. We then customize pre-employment screening research for each position, assisting high net worth individuals to make the safest hiring decisions.

Compliant, Lawful & Verified

All pre-employment screenings are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and our intelligence analysts receive training on applicable laws. We verify the accuracy of the information we present to our clients. We stand behind the thoroughness and validity of the intelligence assessments we deliver so you can make informed hiring decisions for your business or household. Contact us today!

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