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Independent financial statement audits give company stakeholders confidence in the accuracy of the financial statements and reasonable assurance that the numbers are fairly stated. Rehmann provides quality audit services to meet the regulatory and business needs of public and private organizations across a wide range of industries.

Financial Statement Audits for a Public Company

Rehmann has conducted financial statement audits for numerous public companies. While these audits are often complex, our talented associates leverage the breadth and depth of their industry experience working for national and international accounting firms to benefit our clients throughout every step of the audit process. Importantly, Rehmann passed its most recent inspection by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) in April 2013. Our registration with the PCAOB, and continued successful inspection results, demonstrates our qualification to perform financial statement audits for public companies.

Financial Statement Audits for a Private Company

Our privately owned clients vary greatly in size and intricacy. Financial statement audits of private companies are required for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Bank or other creditor requirements
  • Oversight body regulations
  • Board requirements
  • Shareholder and investor requirements
  • Customer or supplier requirements

Rehmann services countless of audit clients nationally and internationally. Our audit process is designed to obtain an in-depth understanding of each client’s business environment, including its internal and external procedures. A full understanding of our private clients’ needs and decision making processes allows us to deliver valuable business solutions that go far beyond the basic requirements of an audit.

Choose Rehmann for Your Financial Statement Audits

For every business, a financial statement audit may be required at one time or another. A CPA and consulting firm with a solid knowledge of your industry and the compliance requirements impacting your company should be the minimum qualities you expect from your service provider. At Rehmann, our clients tell us that one of our key differentiators is the Rehmann Experience, our unique service delivery model that grants clients access to a cross-functional team of business advisors. The knowledge these professionals possess, and the range of resources we have across the Firm and throughout our industry networks, enables us to bring proactive ideas to the table, and add value to the standard financial statement audit. Our goal is to go beyond helping you meet compliance requirements to address other important business issues you may be facing, such as operational efficiency, business growth strategies and improving work flow.

In addition to the unique way in which we work with our clients, at Rehmann we believe that engagement executives belong in the field, not the office. Accordingly, you can expect a substantial on-site presence by the executives responsible for your financial statement audit. We have found that when our most experienced people are investing a significant amount of time in the planning and implementation of an engagement, we are able to achieve optimum efficiency in conducting the audit. We also believe that frequent principal interaction with our clients strengthens our business relationship, gives us a deeper understanding of your needs, and fully leverages the knowledge and experience of our professionals.

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Whether you are a private or public company, you can trust that Rehmann will provide an independent, quality financial statement audit to meet your needs. We aren’t a small set of practitioners; we employ hundreds of associates serving clients both nationally and internationally. Contact us today.

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