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As the coronavirus pandemic forces companies to re-tool operations and in many cases consider work-at-home protocols for the first time, cybersecurity becomes of utmost importance.  Establishing safe and secure access for your remote workforce can prove overwhelming – as leaders seeking optimal productivity and for team members, who are adjusting to this new workplace culture – but there are simple steps IT departments can take to ensure a smooth transition for everyone during this time. From assessing remote capabilities and setting expectations, to implementing procedures and preventing cyber breaches, here’s what you need to know to be successful moving forward. Inventory and assess your company’s remote work capabilities While 92% of businesses offer remote work, the opportunity has not been afforded to all employees equally...

Published in COVID-19, Cybersecurity
Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Tech Tips to Stay Safe During COVID-19 Crisis

Written by The Rehmann Team

Even as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak affects us in unprecedented ways, scams persist. For instance, hackers are now resorting to emails and apps claiming to provide information on the COVID-19 outbreak to fool victims into installing malware on their devices. Unfortunately, phishing emails have spiked by over 600% since the end of February, and in March, 10X Genomics was hit with a ransomware attempt. Even videoconferencing, which is being used more than ever, has become a potential avenue for hackers...

Published in COVID-19

Legal experts are warning companies to beef up their cybersecurity defenses as COVID-19 presents new opportunities for fraudulent email, increased phishing and other risks related to the rise of employees working from home.   The law firm Debevoise published a checklist for firms to consider when preparing for possible disruptions and remote working due to COVID-19. In a NYU Law School blog published this week, the firm list the following cybersecurity considerations:   Phishing — Look out for coronavirus phishing scams. We have already seen fake CDC updates, IT alerts and software notices that attempt to obtain user credentials or install malware, so consider implementing coronavirus-specific phishing training or testing...

Published in COVID-19, Cybersecurity
Thursday, 26 March 2020

Stay Vigilant: Businesses Must Prepare Ahead for Cyber Attacks

Written by Ashley Pearson

The email looked legit, so an employee at a small Michigan manufacturer opened it and clicked on an attachment. That was a bad move. The email contained a ransomware attack by a hacker that quickly downloaded and installed a malicious software that encrypted the company’s servers and data, then demanded payment to release it. “They were essentially shut down, couldn’t function,” said Jessica Dore, a leader in the technology solutions group for CPA and consulting firm Rehmann LLC...

Published in Cybersecurity
Thursday, 19 March 2020

U.S. Attorneys, Florida AG Issue Warning Against COVID-19 Scam Artists

Written by United States Department of Justice

Tampa, Florida – Florida’s three United States Attorneys today joined with Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to warn scam artists that they will vigorously pursue anyone trying to capitalize on the coronavirus pandemic by cheating Florida consumers, especially the state’s vulnerable elders. The federal law enforcement team is now actively collaborating and cooperating with the state’s top prosecutor team in a concerted effort to stop the scams relating to coronavirus.   The state’s top prosecutors at the federal and state levels vowed that their offices are committed to remaining vigilant in preventing, pursuing, prosecuting, and punishing individuals and businesses that try to take advantage of the crisis for personal profit. They emphasized the importance of this effort in light of Florida’s large elderly population and reports of everything from bogus COVID-19 “cures” to phishing scams that purport to be official government health websites...

Published in Cybersecurity, COVID-19, News
Friday, 14 February 2020

Three Ways to Prevent Cyberattacks at Your School

Written by Jessica Dore, CISA

Educational organizations are increasingly victims of cyberattacks. In fact, according to the K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center, a new scholastic cybersecurity incident is reported every three days. Some are highly publicized, like when a Texas school district was scammed out of nearly $2 million via email. But many incidents fly under the radar, even going unreported, despite causing significant harm...

Published in Cybersecurity
Thursday, 13 February 2020

Upgrade Your Windows 7 Devices Now

Written by Therese Boka, CPC, CPMA, CPCO and Jessica Dore, CISA

If your organization is running Microsoft Windows 7 on any device, it’s time for an upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft ended service for the Windows 7 operating system on January 14, 2020. As a result, there is no more support. No updates...

Published in Business Consulting
Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Don't fall victim to ransomware in 2020

Written by The Rehmann Team

It’s common for ransomware attacks to increase through the holiday season. Organizations tend to be more vulnerable due to reduced staffing and leadership available to address issues in a timely manner. Even with the holiday season behind us, it's important not to let your guard down. IT security industry projections point to accelerated attacks continuing into 2020...

Published in Cybersecurity
Friday, 29 November 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Full of Deals or Cybersecurity Steals?

Written by Jessica Dore, CISA

As published in Finance Monthly Jessica Dore leads Rehmann’s Technology Risk Management Group, overseeing cybersecurity assessments, information security assessments, vulnerability and penetration testing, social engineering testing and information security training. Below are her tips for businesses to stay safe during the biggest shopping spree of the season.   In 2018, consumers spent a record-breaking $6.22 billion while shopping on Black Friday...

Published in Cybersecurity
Monday, 29 July 2019

Making cybersecurity an asset in your business

Written by John Hey, CBCP, ITIL, Security+ and Jessica Dore, CISA

Cybersecurity is “mission critical” because of its profound effects across a business. In some industries, it means everything. And for C-level tech executives, cybersecurity can make or break a career. So, it’s surprising to see how many businesses aren’t prepared for attacks...

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