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BWD Magazine, Spring 2013

Leverage the cloud to work smarter, respond faster and remain competitive

SkyBooks is Rehmann’s cloud accounting solution, a Web-based service that combines the omnipresent strength of cloud computing and the seasoned wisdom and industry experience of Rehmann’s dedicated advisors. The result: 24/7 access to the key financial metrics you need to run a successful business, presented via clear and easy dashboards that you can view on your computer, smart phone or tablet device.

BWD spoke with Sharon Berman, Rehmann’s chief SkyBooks evangelist, about SkyBooks.

So, SkyBooks is accounting software I can access through the Internet?

It’s much more than that. You can access your accounting information, in real time, from any computer connected to the Internet. You can access it from your iPad or other tablet device, too. But using SkyBooks also means you’ll receive guidance from a dedicated Rehmann advisor. The SkyBooks team can help you streamline your accounts payable process, and transactions interface directly with whatever general ledger solution you are currently using.

Whether that’s QuickBooks, Peachtree –

– or Intacct. Exactly. And you have access to all of this information through customizable online dashboards. It’s a robust system controlled entirely by the business owner. They can review their entire financial landscape, approve the payments quickly and easily, and more.

Who was SkyBooks developed for?

SkyBooks is so scalable that it can work for a wide array of companies and organizations, but we do think it’s especially relevant for business owners who have to be sensitive to staffing efficiencies. As an example, let’s talk about a fictitious company. Alexander Architecture is a small firm with a staff of five, and one of the administrative support people also handles accounts payable. This takes up 75 percent of her time, though she’s really needed for a wide array of support. Using SkyBooks, Alexander Architecture can offload that work and free up her time to focus on other important efforts more closely related to the business’ core competency. And the information is being entered by a CPA firm, which helps ensure greater accuracy of data. What’s more, the owner now has immediate access to real-time accounting information; if it’s one thing small business owners need, it’s that kind of prompt information about finances.

SkyBooks essentially adds the capabilities of another staff member without many of the related costs.

Right. It alleviates overhead costs such as health care, training, and office and computer equipment.

What do you say to folks concerned about security? It’s on the Internet, after all. Isn’t it vulnerable?

This is a remarkably secure system. It utilizes the same data encryption used by banks, the data is backed up in redundant U.S.-based data centers, the servers are protected with biometric security and there’s a detailed audit trail of every approval and payment.

This seems like just the kind of edge a business would be looking for.

We truly believe it is and are very excited to offer it. You could say the sky’s the limit.

Thank you for your time, Sharon.

You’re welcome. SkyBooks is cool and I love talking about it.

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