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Power of Partnerships: Indianapolis Medical Group Grateful for Support

It takes a village to keep business running smoothly at JWM Neurology, especially during a global pandemic.

“Nobody does the job of running a medical practice our size by themselves. If they tell you they do, they are not being truthful,” says Herschal Jacquay, executive director of JWM Neurology, a group of neurologists and sleep medicine physicians in Indianapolis, Indiana.

That “village” includes a wide range of partners, from vendors and insurance agents to real estate agents and consultants—including Rehmann.

“Our Rehmann advisors are always accessible, whether through a phone call or an email,” Jacquay says of the 45-year-old medical practice’s longtime partnership with the firm. “If you don’t have access, you don’t have quality. In healthcare, we’ve been measuring quality for a long time, and access is everything.”

“Rehmann is also good about working with us and all of our other consultants – nobody does this alone; healthcare is too complex and it’s ever-changing. We’re always having to be learning,” he adds.

Help during the pandemic

As a large and diverse medical practice, JWM Neurology was impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak but ultimately didn’t lay off or furlough any employees, says Jacquay, who has been working closely with Rehmann advisor Don McAnelly on keeping the business moving forward during these uncertain times.

“We’re doing everything we can do. We’ve been offered all the opportunities and we’ve taken advantage of the ones we thought would make the most sense to us,” he says. “We did take advantage of the PPP [Paycheck Protection Program] loan. We’re learning and Don is very informative with providing that information timely. And he’s willing to say, ‘If we don’t know, we don’t know right now’ and I appreciate that.”

Simply having a sounding board as part of the relationship with Rehmann is significant, Jacquay says.

“It’s having another avenue to pitch an idea or bounce off some frustration – just things that happen in daily life. That’s always been nice,” he says. “Don McAnelly is super smart and knowledgeable and always explains things at a level that’s easy to understand.”

JWM Neurology treats patients with all types of neurological conditions and sleep disorders. Learn more about JMW Neurology at

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