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Don't fall victim to ransomware in 2020

It’s common for ransomware attacks to increase through the holiday season. Organizations tend to be more vulnerable due to reduced staffing and leadership available to address issues in a timely manner. Even with the holiday season behind us, it's important not to let your guard down. IT security industry projections point to accelerated attacks continuing into 2020.

Within our own clientele, we're seeing a growing number of ransomware infections. Recovery efforts alone are costing these businesses up to $50,000 per incident, and this doesn't include the cost of downtime or potential reputation damage. In fact, according to Verizon's 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, small businesses made up 43% of total breach victims. Is your business secure enough to withstand and recover from a ransomware attack?

Protecting against ransomware

To reduce the likelihood and impact of ransomware on your business, here are a few recommendations:

  1. DO NOT PAY THE RANSOM. Paying the ransom supports crime. The FBI recommends not paying these criminals.
  2. Test your ability to restore data from backup at least monthly to ensure full recovery is possible.
  3. Ensure your company has an incident response plan and you have implemented a security awareness training program for your employees. Training should include what to look for in a phishing email that might introduce ransomware into your network.
  4. Gain a clear understanding of the requirements of your cybersecurity insurance policy and what steps need to be taken to file a claim. It is also important to understand what data would need to be preserved for future forensic analysis. At Rehmann, our recovery efforts, and approach, are dependent upon the type of data stored in the affected network and whether or not the organization decides to file an insurance claim or charges with the FBI. Deciding now how you’ll respond will ensure timely response and action. 

It's never too late to start protecting your organization. Not sure how secure your business is? Request a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment or contact Rehmann today to discuss any security concerns and steps your organization can take to reduce your risk of falling victim to ransomware.

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