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The Cost of Sticking With QuickBooks

Even with a growing healthcare practice, budgets are tight. It’s difficult to justify the cash or time to deploy more modern business management technology. However, the cost of sticking with QuickBooks easily outweighs the alternative. A side-by-side comparison of the full costs and productivity implications associated with QuickBooks vs. those for a cloud-based financial management system like Sage Intacct will surprise you. Moving to the cloud offers an impressive return on investment (ROI) with a payback that is even faster than you think.

The Problem With Standing Pat

It’s easy for employees to get accustomed to standard procedures, no matter how inefficient they may be. Over time, we become immune to all the spreadsheets, manual procedures and disconnected software that have been in place for so long. It’s the way things have always been done, frustrating or not, and it just becomes part of normal business operations.

As suggested in “Life After QuickBooks: Why It’s Time to Step Up to Sage Intacct for Business-Class Financial Software,” the problem with standing pat, or putting off replacing inefficient software for more modern technology, is revealed in these hidden costs:

  • Reduced productivity from redundant manual processes
  • High costs of maintaining multiple software systems
  • Data restrictions result in slow downs, crashes and lost data
  • Hiring more staff to fill in the operational gaps, as well as IT employees to manage multiple systems
  • Lack of insight needed for financial and operational control, regulatory compliance, achieving strategic goals, and continuing growth

These costs and risks can easily put the brakes on a growing healthcare practice. Sticking with the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality is bad for business and completely unnecessary in this digital era.

Cloud Computing Changes Everything

A growing healthcare practice with limited budgets isn’t stuck with inefficient technology anymore. Sage Intacct is the new generation of cloud-based financial management that saves you time and money, and delivers a competitive advantage. Here’s how:

  1. Save time: Replacing manual and redundant systems with time-saving automations in Sage Intacct improves productivity across your organization. Workflows streamline common tasks, making it easier for your staff to enter, access and use current, reliable data. Instead of wasting time on handling and finding data, your people can use it to improve operational efficiencies, respond faster to regulatory obligations, and improve patient care.
  2. Save money: With no need to purchase additional technology, servers or costly equipment, cloud-based Sage Intacct reduces capital expenditures from the very start. In addition, you don’t need to hire skilled IT staff or additional workers to fill in the gaps left by inefficient processes.
  3. Competitive edge: Sage Intacct is a comprehensive, integrated solution that offers dashboards, flexible reporting and other business intelligence features to bring you closer to your data. Added mobility enables your team to enter and access data from anywhere, at any time, and on nearly any mobile device. With these tools, your leaders have real-time visibility into the state of your healthcare practice, insights into data, and the opportunity to put it to use.

Learn More

Take the time to evaluate the cost and productivity implications of sticking with QuickBooks vs. migrating to Sage Intacct. Many other healthcare practices have already made the comparison and are choosing this agile, scalable, cloud-based solution. Download the ebook and contact Rehmann to find out how we can help you evaluate your options and costs.  

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