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Thanks to all associates who participated in this exciting promotion! The Trip Contest and the Repair Regs Boost programs ended on 11/30/14. **The drawing for the 7-day paid vacation will take place on December 12th and will be announced on MyRehmann.** We are reverting back to the standard Referral Rewards and Sales Incentives program. Be on the lookout for new promotions to boost business development (referrals and sales) in 2015.

Better than ever and just in time for summer! Everyone likes a win-win situation … everyone loves a win-win-WIN situation! That’s what Rehmann presents with R3 — Rehmann Referral Rewards. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing clients, offer valuable solutions to new clients and reward associates for their enterprising efforts.

New addition to the program:

The repair regulations opportunities boost! Refer a repair regulations engagement and get paid $25 when an in-person meeting is held. Get an additional $25 when the engagement letter is signed. You are eligible for up to 5% commission on repair regs jobs valued at $1,000+ if you help with the sale. Plus, you will gain an entry for a chance to win the trip! (Repair regs opportunities valued at $2,500+ qualify for the regular R3 program, see the steps below.)

Three ways to win:

  1. Refer new opportunities. All eligible associates1 who identify and submit leads for new services (for prospects or existing clients) from 1/1/14 to 11/30/14 valued at $2,500 or more will receive $100 under the current program, but if the sale closes by 11/30/14, you’ll now get an additional $100!2 All qualifying leads submitted since 1/1/14 are eligible. There's no need to submit forms again, we have a running list.
  2. Participate in the sale. Eligible associates can earn even more when they actively participate in the sales opportunity process for the leads they submit.3 The incentive for qualified sold opportunities is 5% of collected receipts from invoices for 12 months after the date of first payment, up to $10,000.
  3. Submit valid leads. Every lead an associate submits — regardless of value — will receive an entry to win a trip for two to a U.S. (excluding Hawaii) or Canadian destination of choice, including airfare and 7-night hotel accommodations.4 The more leads, the better your chances of winning!

Where do I submit the forms:

Hard copy forms can be found in each office. Links to the form and a listing of the office incentive champs can be found to the right in the links panel.

  • Referral Copy (Green form on hard copy) – Submit to local incentive program champ
  • Associate Copy (White form on hard copy) – Keep for your records
  • Sales Copy (Blue form on hard copy) – If the referral is valued at $2,500 or more and the associate has participated in the sales process, this copy moves on to be signed by the Business Advisor and submitted to the local incentive champ

At a glance: what’s changing?

Current Program New Program Repair Regs Boost
Any type of service Any type of service A repair regulations engagement
  • No reward for leads (new clients or new sales opportunities at existing clients) valued under $2,500
  • $100 for referrals for services valued over $2,500 (the referral does not need to result in a sale)
  • Up to 5% commission if referrer also helps close the sale
  • Entry to win trip, regardless of opportunity value
  • $100 for referrals for services valued over $2,500 (the referral does not need to result in a sale)
  • An additional $100 paid for referrals for services valued at more than $2,500 if it results in a sale by 11/30/14
  • Up to 5% commission if referrer also helps close the sale


If opportunity value is less than $2,500:

  • $25 to referrer once an in-person meeting has occurred
  • $25 to referrer upon signed engagement letter
  • Entry to win trip

If opportunity value is between $1,000 and $2,500:

  • Reward(s) listed above
  • Up to 5% commission if referrer also helps close the sale

If opportunity value is over $2,500, the standard R3 Program applies


Disclaimers and footnotes:

1. Owners, professional sales staff or associates with alternative compensation programs do not qualify for the R3 program.

2. The additional $100 will be paid to the associate at the end of the year.

3. Visit MyRehmann for qualifying details. When an associate partners with a professional sales team member, the associate will qualify for one-half of the incentive in keeping with policy guidelines.

4. Good for destinations in the U.S. (excluding Hawaii) and Canada. Cost of trip will appear on associate’s W2 as earned income. Associate responsible for applicable taxes on hotel and flight. Rehmann will pay up to $250/night for hotel. If the associate is unable to utilize the flight rewards, they will receive a check for the hotel portion only.


Submission forms and program overview. Forms are also found in each office.

Submit forms or ask questions: Incentive Program Office Contacts

Celebrating success! Read about the status of the program as updates are posted.

FAQs: We'll add to this list throughout the program, but if you don't find the answer to your question, check with your local incentive champ.


Are you a 1RW or Program Incentive champ and need assistance? Contact Teri Stora x2851.



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