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A changing of the guard

Randy Rupp succeeds Steve Kelly as Rehmann CEO

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Rehmann's growth has been nothing short of remarkable.

In 1985 — Steve Kelly's first year as CEO — the Firm's annual revenue came in at $2.8 million. Fast forward to 2015, and Rehmann is now the 30th-largest firm in the country, with annual revenue over $100 million ... a 3,700 percent increase.

Not that such an astounding increase tops Kelly's list of greatest achievements during his 30-year CEO tenure, however. Ask him about the Firm's greatest achievements under his stewardship, and numbers take a back seat to people.

"I'm most proud of the culture that we've built, which is all about people — both clients and associates," Kelly said. "It's so ingrained in everyone at the Firm, and we all do our best to live up to the value of putting people first."

Kelly himself, of course, played a large role in establishing that culture. He oversaw the implementation of Rehmann's client service delivery model in 2004, a model where proactive ideas and tailored guidance are paramount. His mantra, quotable by a vast number of associates: "We want to be better, not bigger.

Better, continued

All-in-all, it's a tough act to follow. Fortunately, Randy Rupp — himself a 30-year Firm veteran and vice-chair of Rehmann's board of directors for six years — has also been a part of that growth and development. That experience will serve him well as Rehmann's new CEO.

Rupp said it helped having Kelly as a mentor and gifted leader.

"Steve has demonstrated an unbelievable consistency and is unwavering in his beliefs about Rehmann and our service model," Rupp said. "He's always positive and passionate about the Firm; that's the sign of a true leader."

The two men share something of a mutual admiration society. Said Kelly: "I'm confident that under Randy's direction the Firm will continue to get better and better with a continued focus on client service and high-quality associates."

Seeking to continue the effective path Kelly set for Rehmann, Rupp sees no reason to alter the highly-prioritized focus on client and associate success. "If we focus on these areas, Rehmann as a Firm will have success, as well," he said. "Our ongoing goal is to ensure that clients continue to see their Rehmann advisor as more than someone who prepares a tax return or manages assets. Ideally, he or she will be seen as a trusted business advisor — someone who delivers more than just what's required, but is a true partner."

Proudest acheivements 

Outgoing CEO Steve Kelly’s checklist of some of his proudest achievements:

  1. The people-focused culture we’ve built. It’s all about people, both our clients and our associates.
  2. Our entrepreneurialism. We’re very entrepreneurial, something you don’t find in many other firms in our industry.
  3. The success and improvement we’ve made in our client service delivery.

Business wisdom courtesy of Steve Kelly 

“Even when growth arrives and there are more people to help carry the load, the challenges of running a successful business never end — never assume you’re going to have a problem-free future. Embrace the challenges that appear. You’ll be all the better for it.”

“Change is gradual, and effective change requires real persistence.”

“Want to know what you need to do and where you need to go? Listen to your clients.”

Getting to know you

Randy Rupp has been with Rehmann since the beginning of his storied career. Here, the Firm’s new CEO offers a little insight into what his tenure will include.

On the future of Rehmann:

Our future has never been brighter. In a world that continues to change at an ever-increasing pace, client demand for our assistance has followed suit.

On changes to the CEO role:

Our recipe of focusing on clients and associates has stood the test of time, and we’ll continue to rely on it. We are focusing on a couple of key areas for improvement each year and we’ll work hard to make them happen.

On Rehmann’s playbook:

Rehmann has always been forward thinking and invested in the sustainability and perpetuation of the Firm. Wayne Gretzky said “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” That is the strategy we employ, and we make sure we have fun while we’re doing it!

Rupp on Rehmann's values

Rehmann's five values serve as the Firm's North Star – always providing sure navigation throughout the Firm's continuing growth. Here's Randy Rupp on each value.

Put People First: "It's at the top of the list for a reason. We not only want to attract the best and brightest associates. We also want to help them form key interpersonal relationships and serve as trusted advisors to our clients. That requires a culture that nurtures our associates so they can achieve their best selves."

Be Obsessed with Client Success: "We realized a long time ago that we're not in the business of doing audits, preparing tax returns or simply managing clients' assets. We're in the business of helping our clients succeed and achieve their goals. And we practice that with fervor."

Cultivate Business Wisdom: "Clients will say to us, 'I don't know what I don't know and I'm counting on you to come to me and deliver and answer that question. Come to me with strategic, proactive advice.' We take that to heart each and every time, even when the sentiment isn't explicitly stated. One of the key tenants of our service delivery model is to deliver proactive advice."

Embrace an Entrepreneurial Spirit: "We strongly encourage innovation. Our culture fosters entrepreneurial thinking not only in our existing service lines, but in developing new services that our customers need and ask us for."

Exhibit Unwavering Integrity: "The very nature of what we do – everything we do – requires integrity. We strive to practice what we preach. Our ability to lead our clients to where we think they need to go, what they need to do, is only as strong as their faith in us. And we take that faith very seriously."

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