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Restart, Rebuild, Reimagine

Whether recent events led to you closing your shop doors temporarily before reopening, or your business remains open with a reduced workforce, or you’ve pivoted operations to something else entirely to stay afloat, you’re now likely contemplating how best to forge ahead, find a strong foothold and lock in long-term success of your business – and of your life.

This new guide will help you embrace the new normal, assess your operations, build a strong foundation and anticipate potential hurdles. Our goal is to help empower your purpose – however this may look for your business.  This guide covers timely topics – from loan forgiveness and liquidity strategies, tax opportunities and risks, to solutions for your workforce and workplace challenges – and provides a playbook to reference throughout the evolution of your business. Complete the form to download the guide. 


Upcoming Webinars

Unlock Key Steps to Your Cybersecurity Readiness

As attackers become more sophisticated, you need to be as proactive as possible, recognize your vulnerabilities, and implement the tools, processes, and procedures necessary to reduce risk over time. 

Having a solid cybersecurity program in place is more important than ever for companies, many of which are experiencing data breaches at an alarming rate. This involves identifying critical data and where it is stored, developing and communicating an IT security policy, and ensuring a disaster recovery plan is in place, among other steps.


Navigate Your Changing Workforce

Sept. 29 from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Supporting employees and a changing workforce, developing leadership, managing pay and benefits, understanding complex laws and regulations, and remaining in compliance during a global pandemic, economic crisis, and turbulent political times – it’s an understatement to say that your organization’s human resources practices are more important and impactful than ever before. 


Prioritize Your Personal Growth and Prosperity

October 13 from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Sound financial planning and decision making is crucial, now more than ever, and it starts with looking closely at the things we can control as opposed to getting swept up in the white noise of what we can’t.

This new landscape is unknown territory in some ways, but history reminds us that the economy, as well as investment markets, are resilient.


Dial in Your Accounting, Cashflow and Tax Strategies 

October 29 from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

If 2020 reinforced anything for businesses, it’s that the only constant in life is change, revealing an impressive amount of ingenuity and just-keep-moving-forward resiliency by businesses, individuals and communities alike. How does it all affect the bigger picture — operations, future strategy, goal setting — what opportunities, and risk, are still out there to consider?


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