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Information Security Consulting

The combined complexities of software, hardware, fraud schemes, computerized data, and the ability of users to alter, delete or manipulate data present a significant challenge for financial institutions today. Rehmann helps protect information assets with the following services:

Information Technology Security Review

A review encompasses a financial institution's practices with regard to policy and procedures, general IT controls, network security, access control, disaster recovery/business resumption assessments, internet banking & bill pay system security, vulnerability management as well as social engineering. If vulnerabilities are discovered, we provide management with recommendations to improve the institution’s security posture.

Computer Forensics

Our computer forensics professionals combine years of experience and training with the latest computer forensic technologies to recover and analyze computer data that was protected, hidden or deleted. Forensics is not just about computers. It is about the rules of evidence, legal processes, and the integrity and continuity of evidence, in addition to clear, understandable reporting of factual information.