Rehmann’s team of energy specialists utilizes their experience and understanding of the complex world of renewable energy to help clients maximize the benefits and opportunities available to them. As the ‘green’ landscape constantly changes, our energy specialists are researching and updating their knowledge base to offer you up-to-the-minute information.

Our experience includes:

Federal & State Tax Credits & Deductions

There are multiple options to consider, including, but not limited to:

  • Energy Investment Tax Credits
  • Energy Production Tax Credits
  • Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction
  • Advanced Energy Project Credits
  • Michigan Business Tax Credits
  • Individual Energy Credits

To successfully claim tax credits and deductions, proper analysis and documentation is required. Rehmann’s Energy Team members are skilled in helping you understand what makes sense for you and what documentation is required to substantiate the credit or deduction.

Grant Applications

There are various pools of public utility and government money dedicated to spurring investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Understanding this complex maze of state, federal and public utility funding is no small matter. With each budget year, eligibility requirements, covered technologies, and grant amounts change.

Rehmann's Energy Team offers professional grant writing services to individuals and businesses seeking to maximize their return on investment by applying for grant programs, whether state, federal or public utility.

Because the various grant programs all have deadlines, stipulations, qualifying criteria and a raft of paperwork, successfully navigating these requires skill and expertise. By hiring an experienced, professional grant writer at the outset, your project can actually end up costing you much less. The larger your investment in renewable energy, the more crucial it is to assess all grant and incentive programs before taking the first step.

Financial Models

Financial modeling is the first step in determining if you should invest in renewable energy or energy efficient systems. If your return on investment is too low then does it make sense to invest? Rehmann's Energy Team can help you determine what your ROI and payback period will be as well as assist in projecting future income from business expansion.

Rehmann's Energy Team will take into consideration tax credits, federal and state grants and utility rebates to help you maximize your ROI and reduce your payback period.

We have successfully created financial models for a wealth of clients, including, equipment manufacturers, turnkey contractors, retail businesses, healthcare practices, real estate ventures and many others looking for our time-sensitive and cost-effective modeling solutions.

Energy Audits

Energy Audits are analyses of buildings’ energy efficiency. These can lead to implementation of energy saving measures that decrease energy costs and potentially reduce an owner’s tax liability through Federal and State tax incentives.

Energy Audits are performed by certified energy auditors who analyze your building to determine where you can improve energy efficiency. In addition to saving money on utility costs, there are many Federal and State incentives to help increase return on investment and decrease payback period.

Entity Structuring

Sometimes the best solution is creating a separate entity to operate the renewable energy systems or business. Rehmann's Energy Team will review your current tax and financial situation to determine if a change of entity structure is appropriate. For example, if your current business is not in a taxable position, there are opportunities to “cash in” tax credits by utilizing certain financing techniques and entity structures.

Rehmann's Energy Team has the experience necessary to help you maximize your cash flow through proper entity structuring.

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