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Welcome to our 75th anniversary celebration

Ledger books, stock tickers, night watchmen – the tools and techniques used to perform some of the services Rehmann offers have changed markedly during the Firm’s first 75 years. They’ve been replaced by better options such as software programs, real-time stock trackers and cameras small enough to tuck anywhere a criminal might seek to trespass. And you can bet there’s something just around the corner waiting to replace those replacements.

Which is fine by us.

Tools change and techniques become more efficient. But more than anything, what’s guided our Firm from day one has been a commitment to providing world-class service to our clients. That commitment served as our north star when developing The Rehmann Experience, a forward-thinking service model that guarantees client satisfaction and confidence … and which we hope will carry us through another exciting 75 years of supporting businesses, communities and families alike.

Grab some balloons and maybe even a bottle of champagne or two: we’d like to bring you along for the ride as we deliver business wisdom throughout 2016 and beyond. Our celebration will include:

  • A special edition of "BWD" magazine
  • Remembrances shared on social media
  • Highlights of our community support and what it means to us

Be sure to return to regularly to learn more and get all the business wisdom you need.